Why Choose Healthtel?

Agile, Adaptive, Affordable.

We Don’t Just Get It.  We Get It Right.

At Healthtel, we are focused on improving outcomes in member health and retention along with plan compliance and quality.

Agile and Efficient

Our outreach programs generate significant results over a short period of time. Plans typically see 50% completion or captured HRA’s in the first 30 days and 75% in the first 60 days.

Adaptive Platform and Customized Campaigns

We have the ability to adjust and fine-tune campaigns to deliver continuous improvement in performance over time.

At the member’s preference, our multi-modal engagement platform interacts via phone (dynamic IVR and live agent), digital (email, portal and mobile) and direct mail. There is added flexibility with our two-way communication, which allows members to contact us on their schedule and at their convenience.

Performance-Driven, Cost-Effective, Customer Focused

End to end and affordable. We design client-specific, multi-channel outreach campaigns based on your goals, timelines and budget. Our programs are efficiently priced, performance based and customized to meet your needs.

Our Difference: Results That Matter.