Surveys & Assessments

Surveys and assessments range from HRAs to Member Satisfaction Surveys. We at Healthtel have extensive experience in dynamic, multi-channel outreach that includes telephony—IVR and live agent—digital, text-web and direct mail. Based on the type of survey that best suits your needs, content can be static or dynamic (i.e., it can branch into additional question sets) depending on member responses. Survey questions can also be embedded into many other engagement formats to gain critical customer insights in a single interaction.

The secret to success in designing a survey or assessment? We make sure the questions we ask are relevant, timely, efficient and action oriented—while meeting all of your needs.

Our Capabilities

  • Utilization of Voice User Interface
  • Consultation with medical writing experts to phrase questions that will elicit the greatest number of responses
  • Logic—preventing members from getting stuck within a question by rephrasing the question
  • Branching logic to expand the question set based on member responses
  • Real-time scoring to drive alerts / transfers to call centers
  • Add-on survey questions to offer added engagement with members
  • Customized individual care plans based on member responses

Examples of Surveys & Assessments

  • Health risk assessments
  • General health screenings
  • Activation assessments
  • Disease management—PHQ9, CAGE, etc.
  • Member satisfaction—disenrollment, net promoter