Rewards & Incentives

Reward or incentive offerings come in a variety of formats, from cash value cards to coupons to Healthy Living Guides. Through our partner relationships or your current incentive partners, we administer and provide a wide array of rewards and incentives. These offerings are tailored to motivate your members, meet your budget, comply with regulatory requirements and relieve your administrative burden.

Our Capabilities

  • Integrate into your existing rewards / incentive programs
  • Identify reward offerings to increase capture / completion rates
  • Customize reward offerings to certain demographics or geographies
  • Administer back office functions for reward customer service and support

 Examples of Solutions

  • Digital or physical gift cards or certificates
    • Merchant / brand name
    • Prepaid Visa
    • Gift certificates
    • Reward vouchers
  • Coupon books
  • Promotional books or materials (Living Healthy Guides, etc.)