Data Management & Intelligence

In health care much of the information you rely on in managing your population comes from claims or a patient health record. We not only provide you information on a member’s health conditions, we also deliver valuable information to effectively manage member engagement. During the engagement process we capture a significant amount of meaningful member data, which not only helps identify needed health interventions, but also allows us to more effectively engage members and improve your outreach campaigns.

Our Capabilities

  • Audit files for regulatory audit support
  • Demographic reporting
  • Success by outreach and method reporting
  • Referral files – specific to condition or responses from survey / assessment questions
  • Data quality reporting / data append
  • Outreach evidentiary materials
    • Document management
    • Call recordings for IVR / agent calls
  • Understanding members / patients communication preferences
  • Assessing ability to use certain modalities (i.e., IVR, agents, web, direct mail)

Examples of Solutions

  • Real-time / daily / weekly / monthly / YTD / program management reporting
  • Real-time / daily / weekly / monthly / YTD / program results data
    • Clinical platform integration
    • Audit / contact database for marketing
    • Referral files for immediate outreach to call centers
  • Healthtel engagement scores
    • Communication preferences
    • Usability scores