Administrative Orchestration

We offer a variety of technology solutions to ease your administrative burden associated with tasks that require a low-touch approach. Many of our solutions assist in administrative tasks at a cost savings, while also enhancing member satisfaction and allowing you to more effectively engage your members.

We can assist you in coordinating benefits, retaining members and keeping enrollees well informed about their plan by scheduling welcome calls and/or annual town hall / member meetings. In addition, we examine communication preferences to help you determine the best means of reaching your members. Moreover, we identify members who require added intervention.

Our Capabilities

  • Turnkey solutions—e.g., coordination of benefits determination, PCP validation
  • Real-time data—contact preferences
  • Transfers—PCP selection
  • Individual care plans—individualized or static

Examples of Solutions

  • Welcome calls / on-boarding
  • Member communication preferences and contact updates
  • Coordination of benefits determination
  • Provider / PCP validation
  • Annual meeting / town hall notification and scheduling
  • Refill reminders
  • Brand to generic conversion
  • Fulfillment
    • Rewards / incentives
    • In-home tests
    • Health education content
    • Screening result letters
  • Plan changes, updates and notifications