Performance Driven Solutions

“However beautiful the strategy you should occasionally look at the results.”
Winston Churchill

What Can Healthtel Do For You?

At Healthtel, we help you:

Increase member engagement
Improve customer activation
Decrease your costs

We partner with our clients to architect solutions that continuously improve and strengthen consumer contact and engagement. Whether you are a payor, provider, disease management company or medical device manufacturer, our creative approaches to increase engagement give you solutions tailored to meet your needs.

With our Member Engagement Platform, we provide member-centric strategies for engagement. And that allows us to deliver robust, actionable data for you to make informed decisions.

Surveys & Assessments

Understanding your members’ or patients’ needs—it’s what drives your business. Our surveys are designed according to your requirements, capturing information critical to your business. We simplify data collection whether we are designing health risk assessments (HRAs) or disease- / condition-specific assessments. We work on your behalf to capture the detailed information you need at any given time.

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Clinical Quality, Health Reminders & Education

Optimal health of your members . . . it’s achievable when they’re reminded and encouraged to engage in new lifestyle behaviors and choices. Our highly effective system of reminders is a critical part of the equation, encouraging members to make the necessary changes to improve their health and close gaps in care.

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Adherence & Condition Management

It can be particularly challenging to manage your members’ health, specifically chronic conditions—such as depression, heart disease, diabetes—while also avoiding unnecessary costs to the health care system. It’s why our clients turn to us: we are here to assist you and your members as needed. We interact with members to determine how well they are managing their conditions, offer reminders to members when necessary, help motivate their behaviors. Moreover, we alert you to any health changes or noncompliance that requires further attention.

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Rewards & Incentives

Sometimes just becoming or staying healthy isn’t incentive enough. We offer a variety of options when it comes to rewarding and incentivizing your members to change their behaviors or to better care for themselves.

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Data Management & Intelligence

Fast, accurate and actionable data is essential. We provide data for operations, clinical, marketing and compliance purposes. Whether you need information about disease management, risk identification or other clinical information, we obtain and relay the data to help you make informed decisions, and to enhance and optimize your operations and efficiency.

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Administrative Orchestration

In addition to capturing clinically relevant data, we can also assist in improving the efficiency with which you engage your members by utilizing technology to perform various types of outreach and to capture meaningful data.

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