Member Engagement…. Simplified.

We don’t just get it.  We get it right.

Our Approach

Designing dynamic consumer experiences—because it generates amazing results.

Our approach to campaign design relies on the following:

Making the most of every engagement opportunity – build multi-purpose campaigns to maximize communication in each contact and minimize the number of contacts to each member

Offering multi-channel outreach – utilize IVR, agents, text, digital and direct mail to ensure the most effective type of contact for each member

Creating turnkey solutions – design campaigns specific to customer needs. We don’t try to sell you an “off the shelf” solution, rather we work with you to thoughtfully design a program to meet your objectives. Our Campaign as a Service (CaaS) approach leverages our highly adaptable Member Engagement Platform, which together create highly effective campaigns.

We make it simple for you:

After the design and customer acceptance testing you simply supply the eligible member populations, we do the rest to provide robust data

You tell us the population you want us to engage and provide data on the eligible members.

We work with you to design, build and launch a campaign that will achieve your goals.

We execute, monitor and refine—then provide results and reporting on all campaigns.

Our Platform

All of our campaigns run on our highly customizable Member Engagement Platform.

We utilize our Campaign as a Service (CaaS) model to design, deploy and deliver innovative consumer engagement campaigns from start to finish. We operate in a secure cloud-based environment and are able to assimilate multiple data inputs from various client sources / departments as well as third party vendors. Our outputs—flexible, compliant and real-time or near real-time solutions—deliver actionable data with in-depth analysis and highly customized reporting.

We are HIPAA Compliant and have obtained a HITRUST certification